Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Where Why When ???

Where are those happy days?

Why don't we feel the fresh air .... see the rising sun.. hear the chirping birds and sip the morning dew.
Now the air is already conditioned .... halogens have replaced those golden sunrays ..... birds are all gone,not south but somewhere i surely can't hear and the dew drops are slowly converting into tears which i myself drink,quietly.
Why can't i fly like the falcon high in the sky?

When can i give wings to my dreams so that they can soar high? They no longer be a dream but a reality which will bring joy to the morose soul.

But a ray of hope is still there ... you can see the rays if you switch off those halogens that blind you.
switch off the conditioner and open those closed doors and windows ... move out of the closet ,come out in open .. hear those birds and feel the fresh dew. This flickering ray will become more radiant when we hear what our ailing heart cries for and follow the message. The message it wants to put across........

Then only this quandry , predicament will subside and we will relish the true ecstacy in life!!!!!

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