Saturday, February 09, 2008

Firefox tweaks

After spending tonnes of time sorting out my thesis and writing my own, as I call it ,"world's first ****** netlist generator"(I cannot divulge the details for non-disclosure agreement I have signed). I thought it was time for me to let the geek within me have some fun. So I went scurrying around looking for some tips to improve the performance of my browser, firefox(open source rulz!!).

Here are some of the tips I tried, and yes they did make a difference. Maybe you will like them too, but, I must forewarn that it may not work on some of the sites/servers, as they might not be supporting the advanced features these tweaks enable in the browser.

First and foremost, type "about:plugin" in the address bar(no double quotes please).
It will present the configuration of your browser, which we have to tweak to improve the performance.

Restoring session: Although firefox2 and beyond restore the session after a crash, I like it to restore the session where I left. In order to restore the session in firefox every time to shut it down, search for in the filter. The default value for this configuration key will be 1. You need to change it to 3. Simply double click on the value and a pop-up window will come up for you to edit the value.

Make browser.urlbar.hideGoButton=true to hide the unwanted go button next to the address bar.

These were only for the cosmetic changes in the browser. To get a performance increment following changes were helpful. But again, be warned, it might not work with certain servers/websites.

network.http.pipelining=true : To enable pipelining. This feature might not be supported by certain websites.

network.http.proxy.pipelining=true (default false)
network.http.pipelining.maxrequests=8 (default 4)

The above three tweaks improve the browser speed a bit, at least for me!!
Zip through the net.

More tips later!!!!