Sunday, March 11, 2007

Is it all about the money?

No matter how hard you try.....
no matter what you do.....
it still boils down to the greenbacks!!

I am just curious we pursuit our entire lives for these same greenbacks,
so that we get at par with the others. While we very well know that these,
are the very reason for the divide in the first place.

Why can't we just do things for fun? Why does that money have to act as a wall between the friends?
Why does this world understand 1 language, have 1 faith.....of money? Why ..why..I ask WHY???
Maybe I ask too much. But this is the end I always hate and have to face. People weight every thing in money eventually......

Maybe because its the human nature. "What will I get out of this" is so heavily engrained into everyone's mind that it supercedes all justification, logic and human values.

I was really hurt because of The pain is inexplicable.
You try to help a friend, and if he wants more of your time...he says "I'll pay you by the hour".
Hey I never asked for it. I thought we were friends, when did money come into picture. I guess it inevitably does....somehow! But the pain of friendship being paid back in terms of money...this was really a saddening moment, for me atleast.

There are certain things you value a lot. Certain things you want to keep separate from the maddening materialistic world. Friendship is one of them. but people...ppphhh....forget it...

Maybe the feeling will eventually sink in someday.....
But the pain will linger!