Friday, May 26, 2006

Social Justice .. Other Means

This blog is to express my views against the 50% reservation policy of the Indian Goverment..

Why do our leaders think that making reservations in higher education will bring social equality in India? I beg of them not to do such grave injustice to the common people of India and contemplate over some other alternatives.

All the measures should be implemented at the grass-root level. So that all a poor/backward student needs at the higher level is scholarships and financial aid, which of course can be provided. But introducing reservation in higher education will not be an effective measure. You cannot teach a person integral if he is not comfortable with addition.

Instead of the mid-day meals, why not give the students money itself(I may not be fully correct here). It will be an added incentive for their poor parents to send their wards to school. You can introduce 2 mandatory credits in MBBS, BTech, MBA, BCom, etc for a person to teach in rural areas. Village panchayats should look after the boarding and lodging of these people and government should pay them minimla wages. This will resolve teacher shortage crisis and also help people connect with the grass root level. This way people will also take their modern outlook and ideas to the village, resulting in upliftment of the village as a whole. Other countries have 5 years of mandatory army duty. We can have atleast 6 months of teaching job?

This reservation policy will only further divide the nation which will be orthogonal to the vision of equality which our freedom fighters died for. We should look for progressive policies not these regressive ones. This might win them more votes in the next election or so..but as an Indian why dont they think what harm it will do as a whole to the country. Sometimes a person needs to rise above the petty political games. But maybe these people have sold their soul in order to achieve their personal greed.
Writing with a lot of hope and faith!! Hum honge kamyaab......
Inqulab Zindabaad!!