Monday, February 29, 2016

Accessing internal storage for nexus

I bought a new nexus device recently. But for some reason even after having the USB drivers installed I could not get the device to show up in my windows explorer. (For details on installing USB drivers for Android devices go here).

But anyways. After few hours of poking around the internet and some luck I was able to see the device on my windows machine.
So what was the trick you ask...

Well turns out all you have to do is.
1. Make sure you have developer options enabled in android. To do that just go to Settings>About Phone. And tap on "Build number" crazy amount of times (8 I think) to be a developer. Here is how "Developer options" would show in your settings, above "About Phone" at the bottom.
2. Once this is done. Go to your developer options. Some where in the middle you should see "Select USB Configuration". Make sure it is MTP.
With this option selected. I was able to see my nexus phone mounted on my windows partition.

Good luck with getting back your nexus devices mounted on windows partition!!